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National markets insights: USA




Healthcare System & Market

The health sector in the United States is characterised by a mix of public and private funding and provision; as such, it is not governed by a single philosophy. In both the private and public sectors, medical services are generally regarded as high quality although the system is not without its problems. 

In 2010 the Obama administration tried to address some of these problems with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which has gone some way towards introducing universal medical care coverage in America. This report will seek to detail the current US healthcare system and the way in which the Act is designed to change it. 

These reforms are now likely to go ahead to full implementation following the decision of the US Supreme Court in June 2012 to uphold their constitutionality and the re-election of President Barack Obama and a pro-ACA majority in the US Senate in the November 2012 elections, as these events have largely removed the previous possibility that the reforms would be repealed. 


Download the CIVITAS USA Healthcare market report - Office of the National Coordinator of Health information technology (ONC)


Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Medical devices


Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Digital Health


Mobile Medical Apps regulation by FDA / Feb. 2015


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